iPad Gambling Sites

With the rising popularity of tablet computers, the number of iPad gambling sites has been steadily increasing. If you own an iPad or an iPad 2, then you have access to one of the best mobile browsers around. The mobile browser has the ability to access a large number of gambling sites, all predicated on the HTML standard. While not all gambling sites are compatible with the iPad, many are. We have done what we can to explore these sites so you can turn your tablet computer into a mobile gambling machine.

If you already own an iPad or an iPad 2 and have a gambling account, we are sure you have already tried to visit your favorite gambling site. Some online gambling sites use Flash for their casinos, while other gambling sites use Java for their service. If this is the case, your iPad probably cannot use these gambling sites. Steve Jobs has an anti-Flash and anti-Java mindset, which means the iPad and iPad 2 are not compatible with these plug-ins. The thing is, there are some browsers in the app store that can be used to run these plug-ins. There is Cloud Browser, which uses the Cloud to route your traffic through a proxy server that will display what is happening on the proxy server's browser. This is not the safest way to gamble online, but it is an option. You may also want to try Perfect Browser, another aftermarket browser in the app store. This may not give you what you need, but it definitely is an option. Keep in mind that the iPad 2 compatible gambling sites have been complicated because of this.

Brent: "So why does the iPad not work with flash or Java?"

Shawn: "Well Brent, Steve Jobs dislikes Flash and Java, ostensibly because Java and Flash are both resource hogs. Also, they can be major security risks - Apple likes to protect their hardware."

Brent: "So what's the alternative?"

Shawn: "HTML5, the way of the future. Developers still stick to the old Java and Flash format though."

Brent: "And no gambling site uses HTML5, huh."

Shawn: "Newp. For now you will have to find an alternative browser or another gaming site. Or you can turn to a mobile site!"

Brent: "Well that's weak. I guess I should have gotten the Xoom or the Touchpad."

Shawn: "Don't be silly Brent. Even if your iPad can't run the Bodog live in game betting feature, you can still use their standard sportsbook to place your wagers."

iPad Casinos

There are some online casinos that have optimized their mobile gambling site to offer users of the iPad and the iPad 2 a way to play casino games for real money. Unfortunatley there are currently no casinos that accept Americans offering iPad gambling sites, but those outside of the USA will have options available for wagering with the use of an iPad. Those on an iPad or an iPad 2 will be able to wager through many casinos, including those powered by PlayTech. If you are going to utilize this form of gambling, we can only recommend that you stick to the sites we have tested for quality and integrity.

One online casino we have looked at is that of Bet365. They offer several different games to be played by way of their mobile gambling option. You will be able to play roulette, blackjack, baccarat, keno and multiple slot games through their mobile iPad client. Real money play exists through each of these games, and Be365's software has made it easy to participate. Just join up with their site through the normal browser and you will be ready to play these games. A 100% match to $200 can be collected by all players who are first signing up. With almost a dozen deposit methods, funding your account should never be a problem. Bet35 is definitely one of the best gambling site son the market, and we recommend it to anyone on an iPad.

Top iPad Casinos
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Bet365 Casino
100% up to $200

iPad Sportsbooks

There are many online sportsbooks out there, and all of them use a very simple interface to offer their betting. Since most of these gambling sites are capable of being run on an iPad. The basic betting list through each of the betting sites is generally run by way of HTML, which the iPad favors over any other web based language. Most of the online sportsbooks out there can be used on the iPad, and we have come here to show you the best of the options you will have available.

Bodog is one of the premier online sportsbooks. Players are able to use Bodog's sportsbook directly from their iPad, making it incredibly easy to bet on any number of sports. All of Bodog's features may not be available on an iPad, but most of them are. There are few sportsbooks that are easier to use than Bodog. Their whole betting card can be utilized, so parlays, straight wagers, if bets, spread bets, total scores and other types of wagers can all be found through Bodog's sportsbook. If you sign up with Bodog a 10% unlimited match bonus is readily available, and you will be able to collect this as soon as you sign up. MyPayLinq, VISA and wire transfers can all be used to fund your account. The iPad is one of the easiest ways for you to gamble through Bodog, so keep this in mind when you decide to gamble with their service.

Top iPad Sportsbooks
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Bodog Casino
10% Unlimited Bonuses

iPad Poker Sites

As of now, there are no mentionable online poker rooms that operate on the iPad or the iPad 2. There was some talk of Full Tilt creating an app for the iPad, but this never came about because they lost their licensing. There are plenty of apps for free play, so you will have to stick to these instead of the gambling sites on the iPad.